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Mario Portal Gun

Play Mario Gun Game

Mario Gun

Help Mario to shoot his cannon gun to eliminate all the enemies in each level. Use your mouse to play.

Play Mario Shooting Zone Game

Mario Shooting Zone

The princess is captured by Bowser and his army. Mario needs to find a way to rescue princess from the ...

Play Mario Zombie Rampage Game

Mario Zombie Rampage

The Zombie are attacking mario castle. They come into the castle to destroy and bit anything on their p...

Play Mario Zombie Truck Shot Game

Mario Zombie Truck Shot

Zombies are all over the mario land and attacking everyone within it. Once again, mario is driving his ...

Play Mario Great Adventure 5 Game

Mario Great Adventure 5

Mario and yoshi is back to the adventure to collect all the yoshi egg and jewel. Watch out for the mons...

Play Super Mini Mario Game

Super Mini Mario

Help Mario on an adventure where you have to collect a lot of coins to regain his normal size, now he i...

Play New Super Mario World 3 Game

New Super Mario World 3

Another Mario world that is another short few levels to beat.

Play Super Mario Save Toad Game

Super Mario Save Toad

More Mario levels for you to complete as you grab coins, crush goombas, and jump on turtles.

Play Mario Dental Care Game

Mario Dental Care

Mario needs to visit a dentist,it will be his first visit to a dental cabinet.The dentist will help him...

Play Mario Partner Adventure Game

Mario Partner Adventure

The lovely Princess was lost on the way home.She need somebody to find her and take her home. So Mario ...

Play Mario Princess Kiss 2 Game

Mario Princess Kiss 2

This is the second series of mario princess kiss. More challenge levels are waiting for mario to comple...

Play Mario Kissing Game

Mario Kissing

Mario and Princess Peach fall in love, Watch out Luigi and Mushroom, Because they can not be exposure.

Play Brave Mario Dress Up Game

Brave Mario Dress Up

Brave Mario is ready to rescue his princess. However, there is a problem haunt him, he has no idea abou...

Play Mario And Luigi Rpg Wariance Game

Mario And Luigi Rpg Wariance

Mario and Luigi have teamed up to fight evil and save the mushroom kingdom!

Play Mario And Luigi Adventure Game

Mario And Luigi Adventure

Mario and Luigi lost touch with each other. Can you help them overcome difficulties to be together again?

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